Smog Free Tower By Studio Roosegaarde China

The smog-sucking tower is finally working and in case you missed Studio Roosegaarde‘s technological attempt to clean up the air in China, you should definitely visit their page.

According to initial tests, the tower did help the smog-riddled Beijing to breath a bit easier. China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection declared the air around the tower to be some 55 percent cleaner than it was before, translating into billions of PM2.5 fine particles sucked from the environment.

But did it really prove to be that successful? After getting into a debate with China’s Ministry, an organization known as The Chinese Forum of Environmental Journalists (CFEJ) showed that even under the best circumstances, the new tower wasn’t able to meet World Health Organization standards. The tower seems limited in scope and should be used to raise awareness instead of promising the people that a new healthy-air record would be upon them.

However, controversial articles have been ‘withdrawn’ from magazines and newspapers in the meantime, questioning China’s position on how to really address the ever increasing air pollution issue.

Daan Roosegaarde aims to rid cities of pollution with Smog Free Tower

Roosegaarde’s Smog Free Tower will nonetheless continue its tour through China and the next city is soon to be revealed. Even if the Tower is not a magical, universal remedy to China’s environmental problems, the fact that we are talking or writing about it already is step 2 in the process.

While I’m at it, all the smog particles sucked up by the tower will indeed be processed. On its Beijing stint alone, Studio Roosegaarde is up to some extraordinary jewelry, making 300 very special Smog Free Rings containing Beijings pollution… then, finally, I'll breathe a heavy sigh of relief and order one of these!

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