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Yesterday, while I was watching another episode of The Walking Dead, I remembered about The Walking Dead game, one of my favorite games ever which was made by Telltale Games. I’m not really a gamer, you know. However, there are still some games that fascinate me. I don’t like stupid shooting games where you have to kill bad aliens or some other silly stuff, except some of them, for example BioShock.

Shooting games were created to entertain people, to do things they can’t do in real life and not caring about consequences. Although there are some studies showing that constantly playing aggressive games mostly doesn’t affect player’s behavior, I truly believe that it does.

In this article I want to discuss about the future of gaming, about using all available tools and technologies to create new games and to create innovative gameplay. The history of video games begins shortly after the World War II and 30 years later first home consoles were built where you could play very simple 2D arcade video games, like Pong. Nowadays, we are able to build nearly realistic 3D world with such powerful game engines available, for example: Unreal Engine 4, CryEngine V and Unity 5.

If you look at the features of all these game engines, you probably think now, that anything we could imagine is possible to create using these technologies. And that’s true! Now the real question is, why do game developers try to create another boring shooter, instead of something totally new?

Games that really fascinate me are such games where the main point is the story, where you have to act wisely and think about consequences. Here are some examples: The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Heavy Rain and upcoming game Detroit: Become Human, which I’m really excited about.

Earlier, it was very hard to create interactive storytelling games, because 3D modeling tools weren’t so advanced that they could show every detail changing on someone’s face, we could only see someone smiling or being angry. But we could smile, because we are happy, something is funny or, because we are confused or hopeless. Our brain can only recognize it clearly, if we see a nearly realistic face.

Nowadays, it is all possible and real actors are used to create all character’s movements. So, with all these possibilities we can create truly realistic characters and show their feelings just like in movies. And combining everything together, like great story, awesome graphics and interesting gameplay, we can create games, where the player thinks about consequences and decides what should happen next, where the player has the feeling that he is in the game together with all characters solving the problem. These games will make people think! This will be the new era of video games!

So, what do you think about it? I would be happy to read all your comments!

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