New Aquaponic Housing Design Could Lead To Complete Self-Efficient Ecosystem
Living a self-sufficient life is something worth striving for. Some countries like Costa Rica already began their [campaign on preserving energy resources]( and eventually break free from fossil fuels. But that’s obviously only part of the story humanity has to write now, in order to stay resilient. Natural resources are diminishing and might vanish altogether, entire ecosystems have become unstable and reshaped, so architects and designers are in need for more creative ways to help us all survive the next century. $$!ad_code_content_spilt_video_ad!$$ There’s lots of competition design-wise out there for future innovations on Biodesign or housing. Especially interesting is a conceptual design by [Mihai Chiriac from DS 10 Studio at The University of Westminster]( termed *Aquaponic Future Housing*. This housing concept is slated for 3D printing techniques only using simple materials. It’s also made in way that allows for growing its own food inside, helping residing families to stay of the grid if they want and live, to a certain degree, completely self-sufficient. ![My Image]( The futuristic housing is also using biodegradable plastic for printing, that can be recycled within the aquaponic system the designer imagined. The designers summed up this idea by calling it “a symbiosis between hydroponics and aquaculture”. You can compare this idea to a living machine producing or putting out food instead of waste and pollution. It will be able to raise edibles from aquaculture as well as growing plants without soil. Excrement and all kinds of feed is constantly filtered by the plants’ roots, hence creating a highly closed and immensely productive ecosystem. $$!ad_code_content_spilt_video_ad2!$$ Another much-appreciated side effect of this housing concept according to its designers, is the ability to regenerate urban sites. This definitely sounds like a lifestyle that’s indeed worth pursuing, enabling growing population on once polluted soil while producing all you need for living from organic food and construction material in a clean cycle.
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