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Extremely simple ways to boost blog traffic do exist. While many creatives think to gain attention by posting as much as possible, it appears that users always prefer quality over quantity. Here are a few great sites to promote your work and increase visibility! 


Flipboard is a magazine-style feed reader and probably the top platform to promote content on various devices (smartphones, tablets and desktops). Flipboard has reportedly more than 100 million users, who are using it for content discovery. The more positive interactions you have on their reading app, the higher your posts will rank.

Sign up for Flipboard and create your first magazine for your 3tags stories.


Facebook is the biggest social network and you should definitely use it to boost your stories. Most people think updates on facebook need to be short and to the point, but it's also an extremely powerful "tool" to get long lasting traffic and keeping stories viral on the internet.

Statistics show that informative stories shared by users are far more likely to be seen on newsfeeds compared to posts from facebook pages.

Interested in reaching an audience that doesn’t consist of your friends and family? Search through some Facebook groups and find like-minded readers interested in your content. You can sign up here for Facebook. 


Reddit is a wealth of communities called subreddits. There is likely one or more subreddit that are closely related to the scope of your content. Engaging in these communities is a great way to learn about your audience and boost blog traffic.

To be successful on reddit, you have to keep in mind a few things:

  • Be sure of your content’s relevance before posting it on a subreddit
  • Do not only post your own content, try to mix it up with other sources
  • Too many posts in a row will get you labeled as a spammer
  • Remember to read the rules for each subreddit

Even though Reddit is not talked about as much as Facebook or Twitter, their system offers a much easier way of getting read. Sign up for Reddit.


It's a lot tougher to actually get people to read on other social networks, but if you are well connected on Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn etc., you might be generating traffic through these sites, as well. In general it's always recommended to use all the networks at your disposal. This will increase the probability of attracting other like-minded people to your story.

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