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Everyone has seen the The Last of Us Part 2 trailer by now. Everyone on 3tags, including myself, are stoked for the sequel. Playstation Experience has once again pumped up the hype train, having shown two games coming soon from NaughtyDog.

Ellie is older now, but not quite an adult. She has a tattoo that hides her bite mark. Joel has probably given her guitar lessons as he promised. The trail of dead bodies proves she's on a mission to kill every "last one of them." But who and what is she talking about according to the emotion-filled trailer?

What if Ellie's talking about Marlene, and she's hunting everyone she might think killed Marlene. For those who have played the game, Ellie has no knowledge of Joel killing Marlene to save her. Maybe the trailer is the beginning of her plans to figure out the culprit behind Marlene's murder. And after all these years, why has Joel kept that secret from her?

The Fireflies know of Ellie's gift, and Joel sacrificed the spread of the vaccine in order to save her precious life. What if the second game, the Fireflies are after Joel and Ellie for what Joel did to Marlene? What if Joel finally told Ellie the truth about what happened at the end of the first game, and Ellie has grown to accept it. But now the Fireflies are after them to try and continue what Marlene had intended.

What Does it Mean for Joel and Ellie?

This time around, Joel and Ellie are on the run, and the trailer has might have shown them retaliating on the situation. What if Ellie has had it with being hunted, and now she's going to kill them all before shit hits the fan. And what about Joel? How old is he now, and how long can he keep it up? There are so many questions that the trailer asks for us, and it's going to be quite the wait to get the answers.

The excellent trailer to The Last of Us Part 2 is very detailed, yet it doesn't give anything away. It offers everyone who has lived and breathed Joel and Ellie's life in the first game a sense of the sequel's tone. As months role by, details will be unveiled, and the hype will keep rising. Finally, we will be shown what happens next after that perfect ending from the first game.

'The Last of Us' Part I Final Scene

What do you think is going on in The Last of Us Part 2 Trailer?

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