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Gatebox is a new holographic home assistant that's similar to Amazon Echo's Alexa, only more anthropomorphic—and creepier.

Have you ever dreamt of living together with a cute anime character? I certainly have.^^ And so have the people at vinclu, judging by their latest invention, a “Hologram Communication Robot” codenamed Gatebox. Check out the concept video below to see just how Gatebox is using sensor technology to bring anime into the real world!

The slogan for Gatebox is “Your loved one comes to see you from another dimension”, referring to the action of calling a two dimensional “waifu” (two dimensional wife, in Japanese 嫁=”yome”) character to the real world. Through the combination of projection and sensor technology, and communication technology similar to that used with Apple’s Siri, a cute “bishojo” (cute girl) character will live alongside you, acting as your wife. :)

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