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Most stories are consumed on mobile devices which can make long segments of text appear overwhelming. Well-timed images or videos not only provide breathing space for readers, but also play a role in great storytelling.

So we wanted to give you the right tools and are excited to introduce Iframely. It provides the very best in multimedia embedding technology to all writers and publishers on 3tags.

Delivering great user experience, Iframely knows rich media from over 1800 domains. From Youtube and Soundcloud to Kickstarter and Imgur Albums - all your favorite domains are supported. It's even web- and mobile-friendly, saving user’s bandwidth and speeding up page load times a lot.

So, including rich media into your stories is simple and hassle-free. The shortest explanation of embeds on 3tags is that you can copy a link to content on the web, click on the "+", choose the embed icon, paste the URL into the editor, press “Enter” and it will work automatically.

Here are some examples what you can embed with iframely... I promise that you will love it too. ;)

Summary Cards:

If you want more than just a link, summary cards are visually pleasing URL previews.

Click-to-play videos:

Here’s a YouTube video, which is wrapped into a "video placeholder". It waits for the user to click the "play" button before launching the video. Thus, saving user’s bandwidth and page load times.

Web-friendly GIFs:

Converting classic GIF files to auto-looping MP4 videos is a web- and mobile-friendly solution.

Of course, there's so much more to discover.

Try out yourself - Go ahead and embed!


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Alaine ·  
This is definitely a great addition!
Skup ·  
Thanks for the great feature.