2017 has just arrived and as always, there are a lot of expectations and goals I want to achieve or stick to. A typical New Year’s resolution in my family is staying healthy, because, after all, that’s what really matters, right?

We talked a lot about it on New Year's Eve and argued what’s more important – Diet or Exercise? No, I’m not saying, that you should choose between eating healthy and going to the gym, but if you’re trying to lose weight to stay healthy and only have time to concentrate on one thing, you should definitely check your diet.

On a side note, a 2002 study found that while about 75% of people stick to their goals for at least a week, less than half (46%) are still on target six months later. So, keep in mind to focus on realistic goals.

Losing weight and staying healthy starts with concentrating on your diet. This could prove way more helpful than hitting the gym. If you bring food into the equation exercise alone burns fewer calories in comparison. Besides, an overwhelming emphasis on exercise is tiresome and exhausting and when it comes to reaching a healthy weight, what you don’t eat is much, much more important.

Even though a 30-minute workout might burn some 300 to 400 calories, you could easily cut the same amount from your diet by giving up a bag of chips or by eliminating two 16-ounce sodas each day.

There are now multiple studies out there, basically confirming that physical activity doesn't seem to be the deciding factor in whether people gain or lose weight. Adjusting your eating habits has a larger impact.

Dating back to 2011, a meta-analysis of all these studies looked at the relationship between physical activity and fat mass in children. What it found was that being active is most likely not the key determinant in whether a child is at an unhealthy weight. Even physically active adults were ‘just’ less likely to gain excess weight. In the end, it comes down to the right energy consumption and energy expenditure.

This isn't to say that exercise isn't good for you – it’s absolutely mandatory to actually stay healthy. But if you want to become healthy by slimming down, combining exercise with a healthy diet will indeed help you with achieving sustainable goals.

If you've got the New Year's resolution to shed some weight to stay a healthy person and if you're too lazy to work out hard, it's still possible to achieve your goal through better diet… Just please don’t forget to go through some light exercise that still has plenty of benefits in keeping your emotions stable and your brain sharp. Things you’ll need, if you want to keep a cool head when changing your diet, to begin with. In the end, exercise seems to excite us much more than eating less does.

Having written this, Happy New Year to you all with the hope that you will enjoy this new beginning, the fresh start to stay or become healthy in 2017.

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