Sometimes I wonder what could have been if people were riding the bandwagons that really promise better products and a better future? What is it that leads us to believe that most new ideas are more of a threat to our way of life than being helpful additions?

As a matter of fact, innovative concepts are all over the place these days. Thanks to the internet’s ability to bring together a great number of people in pursuit of crowdfunding what they believe could be worth a shot. But in many cases, even the crowd fails to see the potential and this has become somewhat of an issue lately.

However, some of you surely remember this innovative concept of solar technology by a Japanese company called Sphelar Power Corporation. By creating solar cells that take on a spherical shape they aim at leapfrogging the current ‘flat solar cell products’ and gain greater efficiency in power generation, power consumption, and smarter product integration. All you need to know to get the difference is that spherical solar cells are literally catching the sunshine from all directions simultaneously whereas flat cells always need to be angled directly toward the sun.

A Sphelar® cell only measures a mere 1–2 mm across, thus incorporating huge potential for a smarter, and most notably, greener society.

So far so good, but unfortunately the japan-based company did not get its crowdfunding campaign to lift off and missed its fundraising goal by a pretty big margin.

It is sad to see projects like these missing out on our help and our believe in new and exciting products that, on the long run, could revolutionize the market in a more meaningful way.

Sphelar’s latest products would have included the neat and stylish Sphelar Lantern, as well as pocket-sized flashlight named the Sphelar Stick. Both products were planned to get the multi-directional solar cells treatment and natural white LED lighting unified in classy portable products promising up to 4 hours of constant energy efficient lighting.

As of now, the company was not able to expand its production beyond Japan, but I’m hoping that we’ll get another chance of supporting their ideas of changing the solar technology landscape, even if that means one small light at a time.

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Eat this Musk^^
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What an exciting and innovative technology