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Meet Lavender Fields, a motivated musician working to raise collective awareness through musical and visual medium


I feel inspired to create art that reflects the world around me. Currently our planet is facing the 6th mass extinction and for the first time in history HUMANS have caused it.This has inspired me to write a song called "7th Generation" with which I intent to reach out to the people of the world and inspire them to take action so we can preserve this planet for future generations. To make a good quality music video for this song I need YOUR HELP! My goal is to raise $2000

You can find Lavender's Indiegogo campaign here, every dollar counts and inspires:

My name is Lavender Fields,

I am a singer-songwriter, musician and a music producer. Nature and music are the things I am most passionate about in life.

I wrote a song called "7th Generation" in which I talk about the urgency that our planet Earth is currently facing. I feel personally responsible for inspiring and initiating a change that can create solutions to help preserve our beautiful planet for the generations to come.

Combining a compelling visual interpretation with the sonic message, we can create a powerful piece of art that inspires people all over the globe to take action now and to slow down, reverse and stop the process of environmental destruction that is currently taking place on the planet at alarming rates....

My goal is to raise $2000 which will be used for filming a music video for the song "7th Generation". Here is how this amount will be utilized:

$1000 will be used to hire a professional cinematographer who will direct and produce the video
$500 will be used to rent the professional camera equipment and logistic costs
$400 will go towards post-production and color correction of the music video
lastly $100 is the Indie GoGo campaign fee.

In return for your generous donations YOU will receive:

  • A series of piano lessons or an Ableton music production lessons with Lavender Fields either in person or via SKYPE.
  • A free download and a signed hard copy of the upcoming album Lavender Fields Forever" by Lavender Fields, due to be released on February 14th, 2017...
  • Your name in the credits of the music video and your presence during the filming of the video.
  • AAAAnd a great load of Good Karma for the efforts to preserve out Planet for future generations!

Contribute, even a dollar will help to inspire, and help spread the message!

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