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Whether you are a blogger, publisher or organization, creating a Protag is the best way for groups of writers to use 3tags. It gives you the tools to grow your audience and publish your stories in a more meaningful way.

Get started in seconds. Say goodbye to paying for hosting, scrutinizing plugins, and hiring tech and design consultants, instead focus your resources on creating in depth content and reaching new audiences.

How do I create a Protag?

To create your own Protag, sign into 3tags, click on profile in the upper right corner and choose Create -> Protag.

You can then fill out "Name" and "Description" in the fields provided. You can additionally add a header image to your Protag. We recommend using an image at least 1920 px wide. Make sure all the interesting bits are near the center of the frame.

How do I submit to a Protag?

There are no open submissions to Protags. You have to be a member. There are three ways to include your post in a Protag:

  • Be the founder
  • Be an editor 
  • Be an invited contributor

How do I communicate with a Protag founder?

Protags have the option to put their contact information on their about tab. You can also get in touch via a private message.

How do I add members to my Protag?

If you are the founder or editor of a Protag, click on edit and choose Members from the menu. Here you can invite new people to join. 

How do I feature a story in my Protag?

To set a featured story, go to your article, use the more symbol next to the share icon, select manage tags in the dropdown and click on feature.

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